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We have the honour to invite You to the first initial annual volume of International youth sporting tournament for the hockey players of the 7th primary school classes.

Be a part of creation of the new ice-hockey tradition in Bratislava, directly in the area of O. Nepela Arena, the stage of 2011 IIHF World Championship.

WHEN: 3.-4.9.2011

Preliminary organization structure of the tournament:

Two days tournament (3.-4.9.2011) with a participation of 8 teams.

Teams from Vienna, Budapest, Prague, presumably also from Ljubljana, HC Slovan Bratislava (home team) + invited other top club teams from Czech and Slovak Republic

Tournament partially replaces the preseason youth games in the mentioned age category

Maximum number of players in team sheet for each team (including the goalkeepers) = 20

Age limit – all players must be born later than Aug. 31-st 1998

Team sheets cannot be changed after the start of tournament. All the players could be able to present valid Player Registration Cards (or another official document with the photo and the date of birth – for example – the passport)

Hockey rules will comply with IIHF official rules for the youth of the mentioned age category,

Points for teams: WIN=2 points, TIE=1 point, LOSE=0 points

For the team rank will be decisive in the following priority: points, mutual game, better goal difference, penalty shooting

Rinks and times – simultaneously on two training rinks, each game will be played 3x 15 min. purely measured time (stopped time)

(breaks between periods – 5 min. without resurfacing)

(ice resurfacing always before each game; 5 min. warming up for each team).

Game system – first day:

group A (4 teams) – the first rink,

group B (4 teams) – the second rink,

each to each in his group, it means total 12 games = 6 games for rink (each team 3 games).

Game system – second day – play-off:

games                                      1A-2B, 2A-1B, 3A-4B, 4A-3B, then

finals:                                       winner(1A-2B)-winner(2A-1B),

for third/fourth place:               lost(1A-2B)-lost(2A-1B),

for fifth/sixth place:                  winner(3A-4B)- winner(4A-3B),

for seventh/eighth place:          lost(3A-4B)-lost(4A-3B)

= the second day total 8 games (it means 4 for each rink), each team will play 2 games.

Maximum time per game:

Including resurfacing, breaks, warming up = max. 1h. 45min.

(first day in total 10,5 h.; second day in total 7 h. + tournament ending ceremonial and ranking evaluation = 1 h. just on one rink).

Ice needed: TOTAL= 36 hours

First day – both rinks from 10,00 till 20,30

Second day – one rink from 8,00 till 15,00 (second rink till 16,00 – due to ceremonial)

Medals will carried off by the players of three best teams (1. place, 2. place, 3. place)

Players of other teams will get souvenirs of the tournament.

Original cup (large one) – will be left to tournament representative with the signed volume and name of the tournament winner – for the needs to next annual editions.

Prizes for 3 best teams – each will get 1pc of cup (gold, silver, bronze)

Special prizes for the best players (cups, special souvenirs, or similar):

- Most valuable player of each participating team

- Best forward of the tournament / Best „shooter“ of the tournament

- Best defenseman of the tournament

- Best goalkeeper of the tournament

Other information:

Starting fee = preliminary specified to XX,-EUR. Must be paid by each of participating teams.

Meals for ordered teams (also for ordered parents and fans if needed) – complete lunch and dinner menu with drink – in form of prepaid tickets for low-cost price (meeting the orders taken in advance from each team, 1pc menu = soup, main course, drink) will be organized directly inside the Arena nearby the ice rinks. Each other consumer is welcomed, but the other meals (non-ordered in advance) could be served for regular commercial prices. Breakfasts are included to accomodation. Expanses would be in charge of the participants, the tournament representatives will provide the organization.

Accomodation of ordered teams and participants – nearby the stadium, for the special agreed prices (low-cost). Expanses would be in charge of the participants, the tournament representatives will provide the organization.

Transport of participants – fully in charge of the participants – the tournament representatives WILL NOT provide the organization.

Support of media, marketing – internet, regional periodicals, anouncements, cooperation with  statutory massmedia, direct mailing – now still in negotiation.

THIS INVITATION is just preliminary material.

All of the invited teams, whose confirm the tournament participation, will get also the official material, organizing instructions, organizing rules, schedule of the games, application form (binding order form including team sheets and other data needed to non-problem organization). There will be also noticed the webpage address, where the all needed information would be collected.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE RETAINS THE RIGHT to change any of information noted here in this invitation, but of course we assume, that no changes will be applied and it is also our interest to change the things just for better. Now we are still intensively in negotiations to improve our tournament.


Thank You very much for Your understanding and interest.

In case of any questions or needs to know the details, please do not hesitate to contact us, in working hours:


Via E-mails:                    ;

Via phone:                                +421 905 393 647;       

               +421 903 642 505


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organizing team 

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