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We prepared the groups under the main requirement that the teams which play against each other during the season or it is higher probability that they could play (as Poprad and Košice or Bratislava, Vienna, Brno etc.), those should not be together in the same basic group on tournament. Also assuming, that the games against "unknown" rival could be more interesting even for the participating clubs.

In games schedule we have tried to preferably satisfy also the teams which will arrive as late as the tournament day. At the same time we set it all up so that most of teams will play on both rinks and mainly it ensures the sufficient meantime between the boarding and games (of course within the possibilities). Even from this reason the tournament will start a little bit sooner than had been mentioned in previous materials.

We schedule also the exhibition game of older U15 players as well as attractive for the spectators.

Organizing committee retains the right to change the mentioned games schedule. ATTENTION – CHANGED!



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