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Ondrej Nepela Arena (previous names Samsung Arena, ST Arena, T-Com Arena) is the oldest ice-hockey hall in Slovakia.

Oldest sprayed ice rink in Bratislava put into operation in 1871. Building works on the first Bratislava skating rink with artificially made ice were started nearby todays Trnavska street on October 28th in 1939. It was brought into operation before Christmas 1940, the first official ice-hockey game was played here on December 21st 1940. Skating rink was not covered and the sector of the audience around the boards offered only 300 seats for hockey fans. The first grandstands were added in 1948-49, increasing the capacity to 11-thousand spectators. In 1958 a new roof was constructed because of figure skating championships in Europe. At the same time were created more than 4000 seats.

Until now, the last significant renovation completed stadium between 1990 and 1992. Bratislava together with Prague were the organizers of Ice Hockey World Championship in 1992. At that time, the reconstruction was focused to significant change in the interior of the hall. They made a changes of the dressing rooms, liquidated the standing sector and the stadium got a new steel roof. However, remained unpopular the supporting columns in the audience, which prevented a better perspective.

On April 23rd in 2009 the city Bratislava started a complete reconstruction of the stadium for ice-hockey World Cup 2011. Completion of the works was expected in late November 2010, training halls and underground parking should be ready in February 2011.

From 2008, the stadium's capacity was 8,350 spectators, including seating for Sky boxes, Sky Lounge, after the reconstruction the capacity is for 10,000 fans.

Below is a possibility of a virtual tour of the stadium, including training areas A and B, where the tournament will take place.
It is also noted that the interior details are today different from the mentioned tour.

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