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We prepared the groups under the main requirement that the teams which play against each other during the season or it is higher probability that they could play (as Prešov and Košice or Olomouc, Zlín etc.), those should not be together in the same basic group on tournament. Also assuming, that the games against "unknown" rival could be more interesting even for the participating clubs.

Game system in the base round of tournament  - two groups X and Y, in each group will each team play against each other, points and order will be specified due to the mentioned in Tournament rules especially in points " M – T ". Based on the results from this round, the best 3 teams from each group will continue in the games for 1.- 6. place in second round of tournament and the other teams from each group will continue in the games for  7.- 10. place in second round of tournament. Ties are possible.

Game system in the next part of tournament is another than in base round. The ties are not allowed. In the event of a tie the decision will be taken after penalty shots meeting the points " U – V " in the section Tournament rules. Points nor score cannot be taken to this part of tournament from the base round.

In this part of tournament each team can get:

3 points  – for WIN in regular playing time
2 points  - for WIN after tie and penalty shots
1 point  – for LOSS after tie and penalty shots
0 points  – for LOSS in regular playing time

To specify the correct order in this part of tournament it will comply with points " O – T " in Tournament rules.

Organizing committee retains the right to change the mentioned games schedule.


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